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10+ Best English Learning Applications on Android (Latest 2018)

Today, English is no longer a rare skill. In fact, for certain circles English becomes a must-have ability. And indeed the fact, that the ability of English will open up a lot of space, both in terms of employment and association.

However, it cannot be denied that learning English is not something that can be obtained instantly. Need perseverance, perseverance, and continuous training.

English Language Learning Application

There are three levels which categorize one's ability in English, namely beginners, intermediete and advanced Well, here we have provided 10 English learning applications along with recommendations for who the application is suitable for use. Come on, see the following summary.

1. Learning English + Voice

 English learning application

This first application is a great choice for those of you who have children and want your little one to be good at English when big. No need to wait for formal schooling to teach children to speak English, even faster recognition will be better, because young children tend to absorb new things more easily.

This application will help children to learn English through surrounding objects, like family members, things at home, things in school, and so on. So that children are not easily bored, learning in the application is equipped with interesting images and sounds.

2. Kumpulan Kosa English Words


One of the most basic and compulsory material learned by beginners in learning English is vocabulary or vocabulary. Collection of English Words is an application that you can use as a learning resource. Here has been compiled a collection of daily English vocabulary. In fact, you don't need to be confused about where to memorize, this application has been set up for you, whatever vocab you have to learn on the first, second, and so on.

3. Audio English Conversation for Beginners

 English learning application

Some say that to improve writing skills, we must read a lot, and to improve speaking skills we must hear a lot. Now, for those of you who want to improve the ability to speak English, then you have to listen to a lot of conversations in English.

And for beginner level, this application is suitable for learning. Here you can practice hearing sensitivity to English vocabulary, how to arrange the correct sentence, and of course practice the pronunciation. The provisions you need to use this application are sufficient vocabulary, at least for everyday conversation.

4. Daily Learning English


To be able to speak good and true English, memorize many vocabulary alone is not enough , but you also have to be able to compile the correct sentence or what is commonly referred to as grammar . This application not only provides material about memorizing vocabulary and general expressions everyday, but also provides material grammar . In order to better get used to the sentences in English, the Daily English Learning application is also equipped with children's stories and wise words in English.

5. Within 24 Hours of Learning to Speak English

 application for learning English

Application recommended for beginners who want to know everyday vocabulary in English. There are lots of vocabulary here which are divided into 24 categories, including basic words, introductions, important words, questions, prepositions, time, shopping, and so on. Not only knowing how to write it, you can also hear how it sounds. There is no need to wait for all the vocabulary to learn to speak, precisely the most effective way of learning is to learn vocabulary take the practice of reciting it.

6. English Puzzles


Your child feels that learning English feels like a burden? They often complain with lots of material to learn? Well, so that your child can enjoy the learning process, this puzzle application is worth trying. Learning to use this application is not like learning English, but it feels more like playing challenging games, where they will try to solve the puzzle. Besides being able to be used as entertainment in leisure time, this application will be a means to add your child's English vocabulary.

7. Duolingo


English learning application that is very popular globally. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times and is owned by more than 6 million users. Besides being able to improve your English skills, this application can always monitor your progress and measure your progress. There are several categories here to introduce everyday English. You can also train listening and speaking. This application is suitable for those of you who are beginners and may also be early intermediete .

8. Learn English Conversation

 application to learn English offline

English language skills are not measured based on how much vocabulary you memorize, but how you apply them. And one of the English applications is in conversation. Learn English Conversation is one of the free English learning applications that will introduce you to various general conversations in English. You will listen to how it sounds and then you can imitate it. In addition, this application also provides an Indonesian English dictionary that you can access online.

9. English Grammar Test


Want to know how your grammar is? English Grammar Test is a highly recommended application for you intermediate advanced 1945 to 9009006 to test English grammar skills. Here are more than 5000 practice questions available to measure your abilities. Not only that, in each question is also provided with the correct answers and explanations. So, this application not only serves to test the ability grammar but also to expand your knowledge. And most interestingly, the application size is only 5.1MB so it won't burden your cellphone.

10. English Vocabulary Daily

 download English learning application

As the name implies, English Vocabulary Daily is an application that contains vocabulary in English. Here are 7 vocabulary levels, where each level contains a collection of lesson or lessons. For example, at level one there are several lessons such as Greetings, At School, At Home, etc.

This application is suitable to be used as a provision for learning English everyday to be carried everywhere. In each vocabulary, the audio form is also provided so you can listen to how it sounds. Don't forget to enter the vocabulary that you like into the favorite menu to make it more accessible.

Now, maybe for the English learning application this time. Hopefully the description above can provide a clear picture of the application and help you choose the right application. Thank you.


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