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10 Best Database Applications You Can Try (Latest 2019)

What is a database? Database or database is a collection of data organized in the form of tables, schemes, view, objects, query etc.

DBMS which stands for Database Management System is a software that directly interacts with users, databases, and other applications that are used to retrieve data. The DBMS allows users to query create, update or administer databases.

Database Applications and their Explanations

There are several database applications that you can use, some of which even become one of the most popular database applications. . Even though they have different appearance and menu buttons or commands, the database application has the same function. Some database applications that you can use, including:

1. MySQL

 MySQL Database Application

Perhaps this one database application is becoming popular among several other database applications that we will explain to you.

This one database application is open source [1965901010] and can be used for all platforms properly and without problems. You can use MySQL for Windows, Linux, maxOS X, and so on. In addition, because MySQL is also a network, this application can be used as multi-user .

2. MariaDB


MariaDB is an application developed by the same database system as owned by MySQL. The reason they developed this application was as a form of concern for Oracle Corporation .

The purpose of developing MariaDB was to maintain or maintain high compatibility with MySQL and also this application was in accordance with the MySQL API and the commands contained therein. [19659015] 3. Microsoft SQL Server

 Microsoft SQL Server

From the name you already know that this one application is a database application that originated from Microsoft. The programming language or database used is Transact-SQL which is basically a combination of ISO / ANSI standard SQL. This language is indeed a popular language or widely used by Microsoft or Sybase.

At first Ms. SQL Server is only used for small or medium data, but now this application can be used for large scale databases. Some things that are an advantage of Ms. SQL Server, among others: can be used by many platforms, many database languages, have data types that are many, and so on

4. Oracle Database

 Oracle Database

Oracle databases can be used to store data with large scale and even size up to tera bytes. The reason many people use Oracle more than being able to store on a large scale is because this application is easy to download. In addition, a free version is also available and the appearance is suitable for those of you who just want to start entering the database world.


 PostgreSQL Database Application

The fifth database application is called PostgreSQL or also often called Postgres. This application includes database applications that are relational data that can be used to store or restore data safely. This application can be used to respond to commands that come from other applications or software.

This makes the performance of an application can be lighter, especially applications that are used or have many users. As information that for users who have macOS Server, Postgres is the default database . That is, this one databa application is already installed and is the default application of the OS . Although PostgreSQL can also be found on Linux or Windows.

6. SQLite


For those of you who have structured data, SQLite can be the best solution as your database media. You can also use this application as caching and also to provide data originating from cloud . So, for those of you who have data in the form of rows or columns, then try to consider using SQLite.

7. DBeaver


This database application has graphical mode or GUI. In addition to providing a paid version, DBeaver also provides a Community Edition version that is open source so you can develop it yourself. There are some interesting features possessed by DBeaver, which is supported by many platforms, and also has the ability to write various file extensions or plugins .

8. MongoDB

 MongoDB Database Application

MongoDB is a database application that works oriented to open source and also cross platform . This application is also classified as a noSQL database application which works also uses a principle that is not much different from JSON (another database application). MongoDB is an application created and developed by MongoDB Inc.

9. Apache Cassandra

 Apache Cassandra

This application is a cluster database application. Someone who was credited with creating it was Prashant Malik when he was working on Facebook. There are several characteristics that distinguish Cassandra compared to other applications. One of them is to have benchmark and can also be used better than other NoSQL.

In addition, Cassandra also guarantees data security when your device is dead and also has a professional support team for enterprise needs

10. Firebird

 Database Application Firebird

The last database application we describe is Firebird. This application also uses the working principle of relational SQL and is also open source . Firebird is a database application that can be used for a variety of operating systems, such as Linux, MacOS Server, Windows, and various other Unix-like operating systems.

The database in Firebird is obtained from the open edition source Borland Interbase circa 2000. However, since the appearance of Firebird 1.5, most of the existing code was rewritten rewrite to date.


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