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10 Best Automatic Android Cooling Apps

Android phones are phones that are quite sensitive to the weather. If the room temperature is hot, the temperature of the cellphone will also heat up, and vice versa. In addition to rising temperatures, the number of applications and use of cellphones that are often used is also a factor in the increase in temperature.

If the temperature of a cellphone is not immediately cooled, it will affect some of its components. The part that feels the impact of this temperature increase is on the battery part. The increase in temperature on the cellphone can make the battery run out quickly. Even worse, cellphones can be damaged quickly.

Therefore, smartphone application developers have anticipated this by creating an application that can reduce the temperature on smartphones. The following is the best Android automatic cooling application that you can try.

1. DU Battery Saver

In the first place there is an application that is quite popular in the Play Store, namely DU Battery Saver. This application can keep the temperature in the smartphone to remain stable when used frequently. Another advantage of the DU Battery Saver application is that there is a display number of battery features on the smartphone, an application closing feature that causes the smartphone temperature to rise, a garbage removal feature in a smartphone, and many more.

2. Clean Master

Who would have thought the Clean Master application has a feature to cool the temperature on a smartphone. Although the main feature of this phone is to remove the trash that is on the cellphone, the latest version of the Clean Master function has a feature to cool the temperature of the cellphone to keep it cool. In addition, another excellent feature of this application is Memory Boost. This feature is a way to make Android phones not feel slow

3. Coolify

Another cooling application is Coolify. Coolify can set your smartphone so that the temperature does not rise quickly when used. In addition, another excellent feature of this application is that it can optimize smartphone functions in just one click. Amazingly, this application can be used without having to root the smartphone.

4. Cooling Master CPU Heat Cooler

Next is the Cooling Master CPU Heat Cooler application. This smartphone cooling application can reduce the temperature on your cellphone so it doesn't overheat. Another feature of this application is that it can turn off unused applications on the smartphone. It's just that you have to be careful because if you turn off the smartphone application incorrectly, it can affect your smartphone's performance.

5. EaseUS Coolphone – Cool Battery

You could say this application is quite unique compared to other applications. How did it happen? Because, in addition to features to cool the smartphone, this application has features to maximize the application in the smartphone so that the application can run smoothly.

Plus, another feature is a feature to save battery optimally, especially when the smartphone is not being used. When the smartphone is not used, the features in this application will close the rogue application which makes the battery on the smartphone decrease.

6. Temperature Guard

Same as other cooling applications. Only, the most striking advantage in this application is that there is a warning when the smartphone temperature is too hot. When the smartphone temperature rises, the Temperature Guard notification will appear with a red screen.

7. Super Cleaner – Antivirus

There are more applications that have useful features besides just being a smartphone cooler. This Super Cleaner application is touted as one of the best cooling apps for Android. This can happen because this application has an antivirus feature that can prevent viruses from entering the smartphone.

In addition, this application is not only used on Android-based smartphones. Even PC iPhones can also use this application. Plus, the other best feature is that it can accelerate smartphone performance by removing garbage that can burden it.

8. Device Cooler

The next application is Device Cooler. This application can set the temperature on the smartphone to keep it cool. In addition, the Device Cooler application has a way to extend the life of an Android battery . This is because the feature on the Device Cooler will "kill" applications that can suck up the energy in the battery. Plus, the RAM cleaning feature is also pinned so that it can remove remnants of cache memory on the smartphone.

9. CPU Temperature

One of the hallmarks of CPU applications This temperature is in the details shown to users. In this application you will also be given suggestions which applications become the cause of fast Android heat . In addition, the Temperature CPU application can also monitor the temperature on a smartphone.

10. Battery Doctor Pro

The last application that you can try is Battery Doctor Pro. One of these smartphone cooling applications can reduce CPU heat . In addition, this application also offers features that can find out what applications cause the temperature on the smartphone to get hotter.

That's the best automatic Android cooling application that can be your reference. You need to know if these applications are only temporary. This means that the most effective way to prevent the temperature of a smartphone from going up is depending on the condition of the room and the duration of smartphone use. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.


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