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√ Prayer for Healing for Sick People + Meaning [LENGKAP]

Islam teaches us to help each other help and care for others. It is only natural for us, especially fellow Muslims, to visit or visit our sick siblings. Well, in this article we will discuss about the prayer of healing, manners and virtue of visiting the sick.

Visiting people who are sick is a noble act in Islam and has become an obligation for Muslims because it is like being a Muslim's right against other Muslims. In addition, visiting people who are sick is also a worship that is able to bring rewards.

This is in accordance with the statement of Imam al-Nawawi in the Saheeh Muslim Syarh book that when someone visits a sick person, he will get merit and glory from Allah. For further explanation, let's look at the explanation below.

Healing Prayer for the Sick

As narrated again by Bukhari and Muslim from Aisha RA, one of the healing prayers that the Prophet read to his family was:

 Prayer Healing for Sick People

Adab Visiting the Sick

When visiting a sick person, we should pay attention to any adab that needs to be considered based on Islamic law. Here below are some of the adab to see the sick person that you need to pay attention to.

1. Pay attention when visiting


Actually, we can visit people who are sick at any time as long as it doesn't bother or disturb the sick person and his family. Although in the hadith the Prophet did not set the right time to visit, but we should avoid the times when the sick person must rest.

2. Length of time to visit

When you visit a person who is sick, you should pay attention to the length of time to visit. Try not too long so that people who are sick can rest well and not bother the family. However, if your own family asks you to linger because your arrival is very comforting to them and also to someone who is sick, then that is not a problem.

3. Position when visiting

The right position when visiting a person who is sick is to be on the right side of his head because that position is considered to be a position that makes you more familiar / close to people who are sick. Like the hadith of Imam Bukhori's history that the Prophet will usually sit on the side of the head of the right person who is sick.

4. Asking about or the condition of a sick person

 visited a sick person

When you visit a sick person, you are encouraged to ask about the condition or news of the person who is sick. This is expected to be moral support and also as proof of our concern for the situation. As in the hadith of Imam Bukhori, there is a story about the Prophet, namely:

Aisha RA (Allah be pleased with him) did that when King Muhammad arrived in Medina. At that time, Abu Bakr and Bilal were having a fever, then he asked: "Father, how are you doing now? Bilal, how are you doing now? "

5. Does not make people who are sick talk at length

People who are sick tend to be weak and highly recommended to rest. Inviting someone who is sick to speak at length is not too good for the health of the person because he needs time to rest and his condition is weak.

The purpose of visiting a sick person is to reduce the burden rather than the other way around. Just ask questions and do not overload or disturb the person who is sick or their family.

6. Pray for people who are sick

 praying when visiting

Visiting the sick not only come, chat, then go home but also pray for the sick person as told in the hadith of Imam Bukhari below: [19659019] From Abdul Aziz, he said: " Thabit and I once visited Anas bin Malik, then Thabit said:" O Abu Hamzah, I am suffering from an illness. "So Anas said:" Will you, I ruqyah with ruqyah Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam? "He replied:" Certainly. "Anas said:" ALLAHUMMA RABBAN NAASI MUDZHIBIL BETWEEN ISYFII ANTA SYAAFI LAA SYAAFIYA ILLA ANTA SYIFAA`AN LAA YUGHAADIRU SAQAMAN (O Allah, God, man, heal and Thou art Heal, there is no healing except healing from You, healing that does not cause other bad consequences and pain. " (Bukhari no 5301)

Someone it is permissible to visit non-mahram with a number of conditions such as closing the aurat, and being free (safe) from slander. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also visited a woman who was sick, as in a hadith which was addressed by Abu Daud.

From Umm Al ‘Ala’, he said; The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam visited me when I was sick. Then he said: "Rejoice O Umm Al 'Ala', because actually a believer is sick because God removes his sins as fire removes gold and silver impurities." (Abu Daud no 2688)

The virtue of visiting sick people

 sick person

"Visiting people who are sick sedans is a noble act and is worthy of worship in the sight of Allah. There are several virtues of visiting people who are sick. The virtue is mentioned in a hadith of at-Tirmidhi history, Ibn Majah and Imam Ahmad.

" If someone visits his Muslim brother (who is sick), then (as if) he is walking while picking fruits of heaven so he sat down, when he was seated, he was sent down to him with great mercy. When you visit him in the morning, seventy thousand angels will pray for him to get mercy until the evening comes. When visiting him in the afternoon, seventy thousand angels will pray for him to be given mercy until the morning arrives. "(Narrated by at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Imam Ahmad with saheeh sanad).

Following below are some virtues of visiting people who is sick.

1. Like being in a garden in heaven

Based on the hadith above, the person who visits someone who is sick will get a reward like he is walking while picking fruit in heaven.

2. Prayed and given goodness by angels

In addition, the above hadith also mentions that people who visit someone who is sick will also be prayed for by 70,000 thousand angels so that the person will get a blessing from Allah.

3. Get abundance of love from God

This is explained in a hadith narrated by Imam Hakim, namely:

"Whoever visits a sick person then enters grace until he sits down. When seated, he dived in the mercy. "(Narrated by Imam Hakim)

The point is to visit people who are sick including worship. People who worship will certainly get grace and love from God. Well, when he arrived at the place of the sick person, he would get more abundance of grace as if he were diving in that love.

4. Given a house in heaven by God

People who like to see someone who is sick because of God, is promised to be given a house in heaven by Allah. This is explained in a hadith narrated by Imam at-Tirmidhi.

"Whoever visits a sick person or visits his brother for Allah's sake will be called upon later: 'You have been fortunate and fortunate for your steps, and awakened to you house in heaven '[1945921] "(HR. At Tirmidhi 2008)

Well, may the discussion about prayer of healing manners and virtues of visiting the sick as explained above is useful. Thank you!


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