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√ History of Prambanan Temple: Legend and Structure [LENGKAP]

One of the many temples in Indonesia is Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple is a temple for Hindus. Prambanan Temple has an architectural style that is different in shape from Borobudur Temple.

However, of course at the Prambanan Temple recreation area is no less beautiful than Borobudur Temple or Kalasan Temple.

Prambanan Temple is located in Bokoharjo village, Prambanan Sub-district Sleman Regency Yogyakarta. Unlike the original history of Prambanan Temple, this temple is famous for its legend in a love story that did not reach Bandung Bandawasa with Rara Jongrang.

Legend of Prambanan Temple

 Legend and History of Prambanan Temple

Rara Jongrang

According to legend, Prambanan Temple is a request from Rara Jongrang to Bandung Bandawasa to make a thousand temples for one night which is a requirement of Bandung Bandawasa application.

By asking help from the Jinn, Bandung Bandawasa was able to complete the request of one thousand Rara Jongrang temples. But in the end Rara Jongrang foiled it himself.

After Bandung Bandawasa learned of the fraud that had been committed to Rara Jongrang, Bandung Bandawasa became angry with giving a curse to Rara Jongrang and Rara Jongrang being made the last one built from the thousand temples wake up all night. So, a female statue appeared among one of the Prambanan Temples.

History of Prambanan Temple

 History of Prambanan Temple

Based on history, Prambanan Temple has been built based on Rakai Pakitan's orders. This event was revealed by the discovery of a Siwargha Inscription in the year Saka 778 or 856 AD written by Rakai Pikatan.

Archaeologists or archeologists agreed to involve the Siwargha Inscription in the history of Prambanan Temple. This incident because one of the verses is described in detail in a cluster of temples whose name is Siwagha / Siwalaya.

De Casparis who had succeeded in reading a Siwargha Inscription by dividing the contents of the inscription into 2 parts, namely in the relevant section on the founder of the sacred building and also the related part and inauguration of the agreement on the land of marriage / Sima.

In the first part, after the land condition was safe and peaceful, the king ordered the creation of a dharma complex or a group of temples. In the temple cluster has a fence that goes around. The one on each door was escorted by Dwarapala which looked very frightening.

A small building was lined up and also surrounded the main temple, with the same shape, and also the same height. In this small building it is often referred to as the Perwara Temple, which number 224.

In the second part, the Siwargha Inscription mentions that on Thursday the 11th of the month Margasira is the year Saka 778 or on the 11th of November 856 AD the completion of the building the temple was built and was immediately inaugurated with the statue of the goddess.

After the Siwalaya temple was finished the whole inside had an amazing splendor, and it was also diverted to the stream, the water ran along the side of the temple. Land around the temple which was used as a boundary for divorce was also inaugurated.

Apart from that it was also determined that rice fields were named "dharma fields" by Shiva temples. The Siwargha inscription with the Kedu Inscription or the Ensemble Inscription in 907 AD, contains a complete list of the Sanjaya Dynasty kings. On the inscription, one can order the making of Prambanan Temple, Rakai Pikatan.

Purpose of the Construction of Prambanan Temple

 Purpose of the Construction of Prambanan Temple [19456531] </p>
<p> The purpose of the construction of Prambanan Temple is to rival the temple Borobudur at that time. It was also added based on the Shivarga Inscription, in this development carried out to be able to glorify Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the supreme deity for Hindus. </p>
<p> However, the glory at Prambanan Temple suddenly vanished instantly and finally Mpu Sindok who was the king of ancient Mataram from Wangsa Sanjaya shifted his monkey center to East Java <a href=. . As a result of the transfer, the building led by its predecessor became deserted and abandoned.

In the original history of Prambanan Temple, the same incident also eventually struck the Borobudur Temple. Borobudur Temple was also forgotten because it was buried ash from Mount Merapi until it was covered with bushes and was rediscovered by Governor Rafles from the Netherlands. Unlike the Borobudur Temple, in Prambanan Temple it is not buried by ash from Mount Merapi.

Judging from the original history of Prambanan Temple, the shape of the statue said to be said to be a statue of Rara Jongrang which is actually a statue of Goddess Durga. According to the myth the statue is believed to be the incarnation of Rara Jongrang. So from that, one of the Shiva Temples of Prambanan is also said to be the Candidate of Rara Jongrang.

Just like the Borobudur Temple, in the original history of Prambanan Temple Prambanan Temple quotes many Hindu Cosmologies, especially deities symbolized located in each temple, and also includes the Temple of Rara Jongrang.

Structure & Parts of Prambanan Temple

 Parts of Prambanan Temple

There are also three main parts at Prambanan Temple namely Plataran Njero, Plataran Tengahan, and Pelataran Njobo. In the three main temples symbolizing the three main deities in Hinduism which are around Plataran Njero symbolizes a place of life where the gods reside or commonly known as Svargaloka.

He also often holds on the outskirts of Prambanan Temple a Ramayana dance performance where the story also contains in a picture at Prambanan Temple. Actually the original history of Prambanan Temple should not be forgotten by the nation.

That is a glimpse of the history of Prambanan Temple tucked into two sides, namely on the interesting side of history and the side of the myth that can be told. However, freed from this, Prambanan Temple has become one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that cannot be missed while visiting.

Hopefully this article about the history of Prambanan Temple can be a guide or reference in the science you are looking for


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