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√ Download the Latest WPS Office 2019 (Free Download)

Among computer users, what is already well-known and widely used is Microsoft Office, but did you know that Microsoft is not the only market authority that provides office document management software, because there are other players such as WPS Office who are ready to compete with offers a variety of advantages and similarities that are also offered by developers of Microsoft Office.

Previously WPS Office was known as Kingsoft Office, this is because the developer is Kingsoft, which is based in China, until now Kingsoft is still the main developer of management software. WPS Office documents.

Main software part of WPS Office:

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In general, the WPS Office consists of three main software packages namely WPS Writter, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet. When compared with Microsoft products, WPS Office actually does not lose, and even can compete.

  1. WPS Writter, is a word management software that allows you to process documents for various needs, if compared with Microsoft products then WPS Writter is the same with Microsoft Word. You can make a variety of document needs using WPS Writter.
  2. WPS Presentation, using WPS Office you will still be able to make presentation documents, because in the WPS Office package a software is available to create unique presentations with various effects that available, as if using Microsoft Office, it is the same as using MS Power Point.
  3. WPS Spreadsheet, is a software that functions to process numbers, just like Microsoft Excel which is contained in Microsoft Office application packages. By using WPS Spreadsheet, you can manage documents in the form of numbers, such as tables that require complex calculations, making it easier for you to manage numeric data.

WPS Office itself is now available on various operating system devices, such as WPS Office for windows , WPS Office for Android, WPS Office Ios, and WPS Office for Linux, meaning that you can find WPS Office on a variety of well-known platforms, so you don't just stick to Microsoft office, even WPS Office looks not too much different, because the developer

Download the Latest WPS Office

If you consider that WPS Office is quiet, those who use it, then you are wrong, because there are so many WPS Office users, so far based on information take from the official website, it has been recorded to reach one billion more WPS Office users, fine from Windows devices or from smartphone devices.

Even so, most users of WPS Office are smartphone users, especially users of the Android operating system who prefer to use WPS Office instead of the default reader from Android. Download the latest and free WPS Office via the link below:


WPS Office is office / office software with a myriad of features suitable for use as an alternative to Microsoft Office.


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