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√ Download Evernote Newest 2019 (Free Download)

The need for an application program to take notes seems to be unable to rely solely on the default application of the operating system. On the Windows platform we know Notepad, while on Linux distributions we know gedit. The functions of both applications are basically the same, as a text editor.

Evernote can help bridge the differences between text editor applications between platforms, besides that it can also be accessed and run directly from the web without installation. So that it can be run on any platform, because it can be opened via a browser.

Evernote, which was designed and developed by Evernote Corp, is already known by most netizens and office employees as a note-taking application. Slightly different from the application text editor default operating system, such as Notepad or gedit.

With Evernote the user can change the text format to bold, italic, and underline. You can also add checkboxes and make numbering / bullet points. Using this application does not feel like using a regular text editor because the editor features are similar to editors on the compose / writing page email messages .

Use of Evernote

 Download Evernote Latest is an activity commonly carried out by many people. Students in school like to record the lessons delivered by the teacher in class. Likewise students, journalists, journalists, writers, orators, business people, also office employees need records for the continuity of their activities. </p data-recalc-dims=

Uniquely Evernote cannot only record text. Evernote can also record video, audio, and take photos. There are also voice recognition features that can dictate what you say to text. Interestingly, the user can also paint with a finger, mouse, or stylus. In order for this feature to work properly, users must download Skitch first, which is a drawing application that Evernote has designed and prepared.

But since January 2015 this feature is only supported for Mac platforms, Skitch applications for Windows, Windows Touch, iOS and Android are stopped. However, Evernote users who do not use a Mac can still draw on their notes, but may not be as complete and flexible as using Skitch.

Download Evernote Newest

This application will save the record files automatically on the hard drive online Evernote. The way it works uses cloud technology, the same as that used by DropBox and Google Drive. The files stored in Evernote's cloud can be shared with other users according to the access configuration set by the owner of the record.

Evernote is an application that is very helpful for note-taking activities, with support for image, sound and video file formats such as computer devices. . With Evernote, users can take notes in unique ways and are equipped with media storage cloud facilities that automatically allow users to share their notes with others. Download the latest and free Evernote via the link below:


Evernote can help bridge the differences in text editor applications between platforms, but it can also be accessed and run directly from the web without installation.


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