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√ 8 Drama Types Along with Explanations + Examples [LENGKAP]

Drama is one of the arts that has been shown since ancient times. There is even clear evidence that in the 5th century BC a drama was found. Drama is often mentioned by the name of theater art.

In drama it can also be defined as a performance of a story that is practiced by several figures on the stage based on a script and also contains a message to the audience. Dramatic arts have various types of performances that are divided based on usage and also the characteristics of a story.

Types of Drama along with Examples

In the drama there are 8 types of dramas namely, based on comedy, tragekomedi, tragedy, opera or musical drama, farce, melodrama, sendatari, and fablo. The following is an explanation of the types of drama.

1. Comedy Drama

 Types of Comedy Drama

Comedy drama is one type of drama that is entertaining by using humorous elements in it. In a comedy drama scenario, it is found that humorous dialogue is offensive and also usually has a happy ending. as well as the characters in a skit have funny, humorous, and also wise characters.

The purpose of this skit is to be able to provide entertainment to the audience. This comedy also has several grooves depending on the context of the story the author picked up, by bringing a dialogue that summarizes jokes and satire. Examples of famous comedy dramas such as Crazy Rich Asians.

2. Tragecomedi

 types of drama

Tragekomedi is a type of drama combining tragedy with comedy. In the tragekomedi story that will be brought to the groove like a tragedy and delivered in an excessive manner and there is also a comedy interlude, also the end of a happy story. An example of a tragic drama is Inside Out.

3. Tragedy

 types of drama

Tragedy is a type of drama that tells stories full of sadness and misfortune. The figure who plays a role in this type of tragedy drama commonly referred to as "tragic hero" means that a hero goes through a tragic fate, such as bad luck, bad luck, etc.

An example of a type of tragedy that is quite famous is that entitled Doctor Faustus. In addition, there are also tragedy dramas from William Shakespeare titled Hamlet, macbeth, and also Othello. William Shakespeare is a drama player, script writer and poet from England. He is the best screenwriter in the English drama drama specialist.

4. Opera or Musical Drama

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Opera or often referred to as drama musical is a type of drama accompanied by music or melody. In this drama, the feelings and stories that can be felt by the players will be expressed through a dance and song.

Examples of famous operas or musicals include [1945919] Hair, Rent, Wicked, The Fantasticks, The Producers and also A Chorus Line. In many musical dramas in the form of films, for example La La Land.

5. Farce

 types of drama

Farce or can be called dagelan is a type of drama that is mild and also funny. The flow of the story is based on the development of the situation in the character. The scenes in the drama are often overreacted and physical-carrying comedy. In this type of farce drama, it is often known as the petty comedy.

An example of a frace or dagelan drama that is quite famous is titled "The Importnace of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde. He is a novelist, playwright and poet from Ireland. He was the best known writer from London in 1890.

6. Melodrama

 types of drama

Melodrama is a type of drama whose story is very sentimental. In the story and also the characterization brings in an atmosphere of emotion and also thrilling. Most of the melodrama stories are stories about romance or stories about sadness. In good and bad characters in melodrama there are differences that are described very drastically.

characters who play evil are portrayed as creepy, dark, and all black. On the contrary, good figures are portrayed so perfectly that there is no slightest ugliness. To the extent that sometimes it can cause some cliches because there is only one trait that is shown to each player.

One example of the famous melodrama is entitled " Still Life " by Noel Coward. He is also a playwright, composer and director originally from England famous for his intelligence in making drama stories.

7. Ballet

 Types of Ballet Drama

Sendratari is a type of drama that combines dance and drama art in one stage. In this ballet it is usually done in a grouped form. The story will be brought to dialogue and also dance that expresses the feelings of each player. Even though the dialogue presents in the form of a dance, it is usually tucked into a short narrative in the text to prevent the doubts of the audience.

Their casters are not only good at playing roles, but also smart in dancing. One of the most famous examples of ballet is the Ramayana ballet. The Ramayana ballet is a drama or performance based on the story or story of the Ramayana.

The story of Ramayana tells us that the struggle for Rama in saving Sinta who was kidnapped by Ravana. In this Ramayana ballet performance, it is routinely carried out on an open stage at Prambanan Temple, Jogjakarta.

Different from the Sendratari performance in Jogjakarta, ballet in the area of ​​Bali used to hold colossal performances. A story that is performed in the performance of ballet in the Bali area is a story of the history of a king, folklore, or culture that is already well known in the area of ​​Bali.

8. Tablo


Tablo is a type of drama that prioritizes an appearance in terms of motion or dance . The players will carry out a movement throughout the show without saying the slightest dialogue.

Players convey a story to the audience in a way that contains many meanings of movement. In this example the tableau performance is usually carried out in the arts and theater department.

Thus are 8 explanations about the types of drama along with examples. Hopefully this article can be a guideline or reference in the science you are looking for.


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