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√ 4 TYPES OF PROPOSAL: Example & Explanation [LENGKAP]

Proposal is a plan and also a work plan that is systematically and also detailed. The purpose of the proposal is made for reference and also guidelines for a plan for carrying out an activity or a particular business. There are several types of proposals in general, all of which can be seen from the format of the writing, the content, and also the purpose.

The proposal is a business plan, program, or an activity that will be made. To be able to carry out business, programs, and activities, a very mature plan is needed. Therefore a business plan, program, and also activities that will be carried out without a very mature plan will be in vain.

Because the achievement and the exact goals will not be achieved perfectly. Proposals are an entrance or entry point to be able to achieve future success. If the proposal that has been made is acceptable to the very interested party, it indicates that there has been an open hope to be able to carry out a business programs and activities.

With other meanings, the proposal is an opening key to success, and now only how do we run something that has been planned in the proposal. To be able to make a good and correct proposal there are several types of proposals. These types can be seen below.

Types of Proposals

In making proposals there are several types of proposals which can be seen below:

1. Business or Business Proposal

 Types of Business Proposals

Business or business proposals are among the several types of proposals that intersect with the business world as well as work plans, which can be made both by individuals and groups. In the types of proposals carried out to show a picture of the business that can be done by investors or parties who will be invited to cooperate.

The purpose of writing a business proposal is:

  • In order for business operators to get a detailed picture has something to do with something that must be done in a business development
  • In order for business operators to be able to compare reality, ideals and expectations that occur in businesses that are running on it.
  • In order for business operators to grow strategies and also try the strategies that have been expected from several perspectives of all people who are not only seen from their perspective.

2. Project Proposal

 Types of Project Proposals

Project proposals are one of several types of proposals that also have to do with the business world. The types of project proposals are a bit similar to business proposals or business. The only difference was in this project proposal, especially focused on a business project [1945908]also the proposal for development.

3. Activity Proposal

Proposal activities are one of several types of proposals that are often made, either individually or in groups. The purpose of this proposal will be submitted to organize an activity. This proposal can help in the preparation of a program plan for the activities to be held.

4. Research Proposal

 Types of Research Proposals

Research proposals are one of several types of proposals that are often used in the academic field. The types of research proposals can be submitted to conduct a research and also research on the theme of science.

In this research proposal can be in the form of quantitative research, development research and also qualitative research. The following is an explanation of quantitative research proposals, development and also qualitative.

a. Quantitative Research Proposal

Quantitative research proposal is a study that uses a deductive / inductive approach to its basis.

With this approach starting from a theoretical framework, researchers' understanding is based on their experience, or opinions of experts, who hereinafter will be developed into a problem and the solution that can be proposed to obtain justification or verification in the form of support in the form of empirical data from the field.

b. Development research proposal

Development research proposal is an activity that can produce a design / product that can be used to be able to solve an actual problem. In this case, a development activity will be emphasized on the use of principles, theories, findings and concepts to solve a problem.

In a dissertation, thesis and also a thesis written on the results of the work of development that demands format and systematics different with the dissertation, thesis, and also thesis that has been written based on a research result, therefore the characteristics of the development activities and research activities are different.

Research activities are based on an effort to find answers to a problem, while in a development activity attempts to use a theory or findings to solve a problem.

c. Qualitative Research Proposal

Qualitative proposal research is research aimed at a statement of facts according to holistic contexts using ebrasal data collection from a natural setting by using researchers as key instruments.

This qualitative research is descriptive and also tends to using analysis with inductive approach. In this qualitative research, what can be shown is the process and the subject's perspective or perspective.

In addition to the types of proposals, there are also several types of proposals when looking at the format, namely formal proposals, non-formal proposals and proposals. semi formal.

  • Formal proposals are official and standard types of proposals which put forward 3 main parts, namely, preliminary proposals, contents of proposals and supplementary data.
  • Non-formal proposals are types of proposals that do not it needs to be too standard and also official, in general it will be submitted in a letter or memorandum.
  • Semi-formal proposals are types of proposals that are not as complete as those in formal proposals, but can still use a standard format. [19659037] That is some explanation of the types of proposals. Hopefully this article can be a guideline or reference in the science you are looking for.


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