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√ 2 Ways to Delete Permanent Instagram Account 2019 (100% Work)

This time we will discuss about how to delete a Instagram account permanently or temporarily. As we know, with this Instagram, we can share photos, videos or even do business online.

On the other hand, with using Instagram, we can get information the latest that you might not know. That way, you will be more up-to-date on booming information.

Despite having a myriad of benefits, there are just a few people who want to delete their Instagram accounts, whether it's because of privacy issues, have an account new and want to delete old accounts etc.

But before you decide to delete your Instagram account, please think carefully first. But if you have taken it seriously, just look at the steps on how to delete your Instagram account (temporarily or permanently) below.

How to delete an Instagram account on a cellphone

Well this time, I will explain how to delete Instagram accounts are or permanent which you can refer to below:

1. Deleting a Permanent Instagram Account

The first is to permanently delete your account. With permanently deleting it you cannot reactivate your Instagram account even your Instagram user name cannot be re-registered on a new account.

In addition, all photos, profiles, videos, followers, likes and comments all will be permanently deleted and non-refundable.

  1. As I said before, you cannot delete your account via the Instagram application. Therefore, you must log in first on www.instagram.com through the browser.
  2. Before that, make sure you are sure to permanently delete your Instagram account. To permanently delete your account, please visit this page (official page from Instagram for users who want to permanently delete their account).
  3. You will be directed to the page below. Choose the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account. In this example, I chose Something else . After that, enter your password to confirm that you really want to delete your Instagram account, then click the button Permanently delete my account .
     how to delete an Instagram account on an Android cellphone
  4. If you saw a notification like below, meaning your Instagram account was successfully permanently deleted.
     how to delete an Instagram account

2. Deleting a Temporary Instagram Account

There are times when you want to delete your Instagram only in a certain period of time or temporarily. By temporarily deleting an account, profile, photo, followers likes and comments on your account will be hidden and will be displayed if you reactivate them.

  1. Please login at www.instagram.com [19659024] through the browser (we cannot deactivate it via the Instagram application. It is recommended to use the Mozilla or Chrome browser. Because many users access Instagram via cellphone, I created this Instagram account via mobile. For PC users, it can adjust because the method is not much different.
     how to delete a permanent Instagram account
  2. Then enter your profile.
  3. After that, click Edit Profile as shown in the picture below. [19659028] edit profile ” width=”500″ height=”325″/>
  4. To temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, just scroll down and click Temporarily disable my account .
     car a temporary Instagram account was deleted
  5. In the column Why are you disabling your account please choose your reason why you deactivated your Instagram account. For example, I chose Something else .
  6. To confirm that you really want to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, please enter your password in the column to continue, please re -enter your password . After that, click the Temporarily Disable Account button.
     disable Instagram accounts
  7. You will get notifications like this, please choose OK to continue.
     sure want to block
  8. If you see a notification that is more or less like the image below, then your Instagram account has been successfully deleted or temporarily disabled.
     temporarily blocked

Important: By disabling your Instagram account temporarily, you can reactivate it with how to log back in as usual .

However, after you deactivate your Instagram account and want to reactivate it, you have to wait for a few days or even weeks first to be able to log in and reactivate your Instagram account.

If you get a notification like this when logging in to reactivate Instagram account, your Instagram account still can't be reactivated.

 How to delete Instagram account proved successful

I remind you once again, make sure you rethink to delete your Instagram account. You must have a good reason to delete your Instagram account, because as we know that Instagram has many benefits. If you have made your decision, please use the way to delete the Instagram account that I have explained above.


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