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√ 10 Types of PARAGRAPH Along with Explanations + Examples [LENGKAP]

Good text is of course judged from a paragraph, if the paragraph is good then the text will also be good. In fact, a good paragraph can also be an assessment of how good someone's writing is. Therefore, in a text the role of the paragraph is indeed very important.

The paragraph consists of several types, starting from the type of paragraph based on the nature and purpose, based on laying the location of the main sentence of a writing.

Types of paragraphs in the world of language is the fruit of the main mind of an essay which was later developed into a good writing. Below will be explained the types of paragraphs and examples.

Types of Paragraphs

 Paragraph Types

Paragraphs come from Greek, namely Paragraphos which means writing beside or can be interpreted written on the side. Paragraph is a collection or unity of a mind that is wider and higher than a sentence.

Paragraphs can also be interpreted as part of an essay consisting of several sentences, which contain information from the author to the reader. with the main mind being the center and also the explanatory mind becomes the supporter.

Paragraph consists of several sentences that relate to one another in a series that creates an information.

Paragraphs can also be referred to as channeling ideas from the author through several sentences which has the same connection and theme. Paragraphs can also be called short essays. In Indonesian, the paragraphs are grouped according to their form and function.

Paragraph Based on the Nature and Purpose

 Types of Paragraphs Based on the Nature and Function

1. Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph is located at the beginning of an essay. The opening paragraph serves as an introduction or opening the contents of an essay to the reader.

Before entering the content and core of the essay, the opening paragraph aims to deliver and prepare the reader to be more focused, and the contents influence the reader to be interested in continuing contents of the reading.

Example: "On this occasion I will discuss the types of traditional musical instruments in Maluku. Maluku is one of the regions in Eastern Indonesia, which has a lot of natural wealth. "

2. Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph usually contains conclusions, hopes, suggestions, emphases, and a summary of the important things in each essay.

Example: "Thus the article about traditional musical instruments in Maluku, I hope this article is useful. Let us always preserve Indonesian culture. That's all and Thank you. "

3. Connecting Paragraph

The connecting paragraph lies between the opening paragraph and the closing paragraph in an essay. The connecting paragraph expresses the contents of the essay. The connecting paragraph describes the essence and contents of a text. The nature of the connecting paragraph is synchronous with the type of writing such as narration, exposition description, etc.

Example: "Maluku has various types of traditional musical instruments, which is one of the attractions of Maluku. Some traditional musical instruments originating from Maluku are Tifa, Arababu, Ukelele, Rumba, and many more. ”

Paragraph Based on the Position of the Main Sentences

 Types of Paragraphs Based on the Position of the Main Sentences

1. Deductive Paragraph

The deductive paragraph begins with expressing the main problem or main sentence then accompanied by explanatory sentences.

Example: "His desire is difficult to follow. At the previous meeting it was agreed that the cooperative funds must be saved first. Other members have agreed to that. However, today he insisted on using the funds to open a new business. "

2. Inductive Paragraph

Inductive paragraphs are paragraphs that place the main sentence idea or main idea at the end of a paragraph and the sentence is induction.

Example: "Electronic waste should not be disposed of in a trash can in general. Because, it will cause a number of negative impacts on the environment. First, this electronic waste will continue to accumulate in the wild, because this component of waste is very complex, so it is difficult to decompose and will accumulate on the surface of the earth. In addition, there are a number of chemicals in electronic waste that can explode and cause large fires. The chemical content can also cause environmental pollution, if it is related to soil or water. "

3. Mixed Paragraph

The paragraph begins by expressing the main problem or the main sentence then followed by the explanatory sentence then ends with the main sentence. The topic sentence at the end of the paragraph is affirmation from the beginning of the paragraph.

Example: "In everyday life humans cannot escape communication. Whatever activities carried out by humans always need a means of communication, both a simple and modern means of communication. Without the communication of culture and human civilization, it would be sulut to be able to progress as it is now. ”

Types of Paragraphs Based on Its Content

 Types of Content-Based Paragraphs

1. Narrative Paragraph

Narrative paragraphs are paragraphs whose contents relate to the type of narrative essay. Narration is a type of essay that contains events or stories. Etymologically, the word narrative comes from Latin, namely narrare which means telling or telling stories, narrative paragraphs means storytelling.

Example: "Pak Rudi is an honorary teacher at SDN 1 Karangrejo in the Regency Grobogan. Pak Rudi teaches every day until noon. From his job as an honorary teacher, Pak Rudi only received a salary of Rp. 500,000 in accordance with the teacher's Minimum Provincial Wage (UMP) at Karangrejo Elementary School 1, Grobogan Regency. Even so, Mr. Rudi continued to carry out his work as an honorary teacher sincerely in order to practice his knowledge.

2. Exposition Paragraph

The exposition paragraph is a paragraph that aims to give a brief and concise explanation or understanding.

Example: "Activities carried out to celebrate the 72nd TNI Anniversary on October 5, 2017 at Blang Padang Banda Square aceh. All residents of Banda Aceh were present to witness the 72nd TNI Anniversary program with various events such as drumband, saman dance, and other events. "

3. Paragraph Description

Paragraph Description is a paragraph that illustrates an object so that the reader can see, hear, or feel the illustrated object. The object described can be a person, object, or place.

Example: "The girl is tall and slender. The purple hijab she wore made her face look even more beautiful. Her beautiful round eyes glow with thick eyelashes. His nose was very like a woman from Palestine. "

4. Argument Paragraph

The definition of paragraph arguments is a paragraph that contains the ideas, ideas or opinions of the author in the presence of actual evidence and facts. The purpose of the argumentation paragraph is to convince the reader that the ideas and opinions are true and proven.

Example: "According to WHO, the highest number of diseases in each country is heart disease. The causes of heart disease are unhealthy lifestyles like eating fatty foods, drinking coffee every day, rarely exercising, and eating fast food. These things cause fat buildup in the blood vessels and increase the work of the heart. As a result the heart experiences work failure and can have an impact on death. "


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